Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cross country skiing Depot Rd/Clark's Pond trails

Beautiful day on Saturday skiing in Auburn. Not as cold as last weekend so we really enjoyed being out in the woods.
Some people take the easy way through the woods (snowmobile). We like the exercise on the skis.

Lots of animal tracks, mostly dogs, but some deer and moose in places too.

We didn't go on this side - this is where all the noisy snowmobilers go. The abandoned railroad bed is a great snowmobile trail for them. It goes for many miles between towns.


Joanne said...

great pictures! really beautiful. I have to admit I am not a winter person, I'd rather look at all the snow from the inside while sipping hot cocoa. lol Blessings, Joanne

Linda H. Feinberg said...

I love the change of seasons in New Hampshire. When I finally get sick of the snow, it is time for mud season. We also have a black fly season. We'll be going out skiing again soon. Have lots more snow now. :)