Thursday, January 20, 2011

Untitled (old poem from 1980's)


Yesterday you took me on skis
through the swirling snow
winter's white beauty
surrounding us
mountains shrouded by fog
the dusk settling
over the frozen lake
the sense of God all around
filled me with wonder.

On the way home
we talked about Frost
and recited his lines
as the truck barely climbed
the snow slicked hill
the road threading its way
through snow frosted pines.

Back home to my warm room
your arms invited me
your legs entwined me
your lips lingered
the unasked question hanging ...

In the morning I awoke
to watch you
sleeping peacefully beside me
your eyes opened slowly
and I snuggled my head
on your shoulder
to hug you tenderly
all passion spent
and wonder if you would
come back again . . .

An old love poem from my earlier collection. This was written in the 1980's before I met my second husband. A beautiful image of a short romance with an older man who had been my friend. That was the first time I had ever tried cross country skis.
ã1990 Linda H. Feinberg from "red poppies and green clover"

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