Monday, November 30, 2015

Acrylic vs. Oil Paint

November at Lake Massabesic.  I enjoyed walking with a friend along the Audubon trails through the woods to the lake. I took a few photos. Acrylic paint on gessoed board, 16" X 20".  This was an experiement on a Richeson hardwood board (panel), not on canvas. I used two coats of gesso and sanded in between.

I have to admit that I am getting a little frustrated learning how to use oil paint. I took a break this weekend and started a scene with acrylic paint. I still have a long way to go, but I didn't feel the level of frustration with waiting for a layer to dry before I could proceed. On the other hand, I missed the way the oils mix and their texture. I guess I'll continue to use both at different times. I have three more classes this semester. I won't be taking any painting classes during the winter since we will be traveling during the month of March, but I expect that I'll continue to paint. I have books and DVD's and a few good artist friends to inspire me.

This was play time for me. I used an old piece of Japanese Masa paper which wrinkles well, a brayer (a type of roller) and acrylic paint. I used a brush for the letters.

I have packaged up some of my cards for my next fair, Saturday, December 12th, 1000 Elm Street, Manchester, NH, 10-2.  I usually sell quite a few cards at this holiday market. I'll bring some small original paintings with me too. Last year I was happy to sell one of a very happy horse (Mug Shot).

I think this painting of Gregory and his mares is almost done. I'm not sure if I'll change anything before I call it "finished". It's always hard to know when a painting is finished. Gregory is a palomino Missouri Foxtrotter (good trail horse) who is a gelding, but he still watches out for the mares.  He lives in Mojave, California for now with family, but may be moving to Idaho next year.

Another example of not knowing if the painting is done. The small painting of the Canadian "Mounties" was done with oil paint and palette knife so the oil paint is very thick. I'm letting it dry and I'll think about it some more. Just a cute image from my trip last June. These mounties were guarding the gift shop at one of the tourist sites (to the glacier).

Thanksgiving was very enjoyable this year since I only had to cook a few things to bring with me. Next up is Chanukah on Sunday evening, Dec. 6th. I will be cooking for that one with help from my hubby and family. Happy Holidays to all. Merry Christmas to my Christian friends.

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Rivka Krinsky said...

Beautiful! I love oils specifically because they don't dry as fast as acrylics, so there is more time to work with them. But I don't normally work in layers. I can see how that would get frustrating. Good luck!