Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall in New Hampshire

The beautiful fall weather has been very distracting and I haven't thought much about writing. I've been enjoying walking on some of the trails I usually go cross country skiing on and I'm looking forward to snow.

This scene is one I had painted with a snowmobile in the winter.

The sled dogs need their exercise even without the snow. They were happy to be out on the trail too.

We took a long drive (over 2 hours) to the southwestern corner of New Hampshire, Chesterfield, NH, to see the Madame Sherri Forest. I'm not sure if I'll try painting this, but it was certainly interesting.

The trails were not well marked to we didn't walk there too long. That corner of the state also has Pisgah State Park which has well marked trails that we have enjoyed in the past.

And home sweet home. This is the view of my yard. Most of these leaves are down today and I'll be raking them up for a while.
I'm still working on some of my paintings in my class. I'm not happy with them yet. I'll post them when they are closer to being finished.

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