Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Last craft fair of the season

I decided to limit the number of fairs I did this year as I find they are a tremendous amount of work for very little return on my time. However, one fair I did was one that I am have been exhibiting at for several years. I see some of the same customers for my cards each time. It helps that I am sharing a table with my writer husband, Joe Smiga.

I made my first credit card sale. I used my Square card reader (which hooks onto a cell phone) and sold the painting on the upper right in the photo. These are the two mounted policemen at Veterans Park in downtown Manchester. A retired policeman bought the painting as an award gift to someone else who had been helpful in an advisory capacity to the police force and had recently retired. I was very happy that I decided to do this fair again.

Valor and General Stark -- you can see a better photo on my website and still buy cards and prints there.

I finished November Day, the painting I was working on in my last blog post and posted that to my website as well. It is the painting below Valor and General Stark in the photo above.  Tomorrow is my last painting class. I won't be taking another class in the next semester as we will be traveling again in March.  I'm looking forward to our trip to Ein Hod, Israel as I already know some of the other artists there (it is an artist village) and I will be trying some plein air (outdoor) painting while I am there. I will just make some small studies, take lots of photos, and hopefully paint some larger paintings when I return.  Meanwhile I am studying some modern Hebrew to try to refresh my memory although most people speak English there too.

More photos from the fair, we had a good location right in front of the post office, same as last year:


natiusa said...

Your paintings (Tzeyurim) are beautiful, And you're doing great studying Hebrew!I wish you and Joe a wonderful time in Israel. Anat

natiusa said...

Your paintings (Tzeyurim) are beautiful and I wish you and Joe a wonderful time in Israel.

Linda H. Feinberg said...

Thank you. Todah rabbah.