Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On my easel today

I decided to make a comparison as I am learning how to use different kinds of paint.  The photo of the Bird of Paradise flower (strelitzia reginae) was cropped from one of the photos I took in May while I was in California. (Photo upper right)

The painting on the upper left is my first attempt to use oil paint on a canvas paper. Just trying to get used to the flow of the paint, I made a color wheel. This was done from an example I saw online.  The outer colors are put down and gradually mixed with the next color. The inner circle is white. Then the outer colors are brushed into it to see the tints.

The painting on the bottom left was done with acrylic paints.  I'm not sure if I like the 2 color background, but I'll leave it for now.  I can always change it to black later.  Both paintings are on stretched canvas (not canvas board).  I did the acrylic painting first.

The painting on the bottom right is my attempt with oil paint.  I used black gesso first as the background.  I had to use some again after I finished the oil painting to darken the background.  At first I didn't have the correct colors and couldn't mix them from my beginner set.  Then I ordered more colors and attempted to finish the painting. I changed the composition a little, felt that some of the leaves in the acrylic one did not stand out well, were too small.

It takes a long time for oil paint to dry before it can be varnished and considered done.  I did enjoy the flow of the oil paint so I will continue to learn more. I am working with books and DVDs now, hope to go back to a class in the fall.  I am working with water mixable oil paint (Winsor & Newton Artisan) as I do not want to work with solvents and strong odors.


Roman Truipths said...

Lovely I have always struggled to grasp the nuances of oil paints

Roman Truipths said...

Lovely i have always struggled with Oil paints