Thursday, July 11, 2013

Currier Museum Poster Contest

The Currier Museum is having a poster contest based on the state motto ("Live Free or Die") from John Stark and the revolution. They changed the words to "Live Free and...."  I choose "Hike" since I love hiking and made a little collage with prints of two of my hiking paintings.

 I'm very happy today to report that the original painting of Franconia Falls has been sold!  It's always exciting to me to sell an original since I still consider myself a student, although I think I have passed on from the beginner level to something more interesting and semi-professional.  I enjoy selling the cards and prints too, but an selling an original gives me a sense of validation for my work.

The voting for the poster contest is on FaceBook.  Looking at the other submissions, I think there were definitely some professional artists there.  This is the link if you are on FB: Currier Poster Contest

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