Thursday, March 28, 2013

NHIA - watercolor study

This is an 8" X 8" watercolor study of the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA) building on Concord Street. I was just playing with colors.  I learned that I don't like drawing straight lines. I did them in pencil first, then ink (on 140 lb CP paper). I was thinking of doing this as a larger painting with acrylics on canvas, but I don't like it enough to continue.

I also learned that I really prefer painting with acrylics and I plan on preparing two canvases this morning with some undercolors, one very dark for a bright painting (possibly of the emerald green lizard I saw in Costa Rica) and another just of the standard neutral gray. That will probably wind up as another trail painting. I still have some larger canvases in my studio, but haven't decided what to do with them yet.

I am getting over my fatigue from all the Passover preparation (cleaning and cooking). It was wonderful celebrating with  family & friends again, but as I get older I find the preparation very tiring. Still love this holiday.

We watched a NH Public TV (Channel 11) "Windows to the Wild" program last night about hiking north of the notches in Pittsburg. Since we love going up there every few years, I think we will try some of those trails the next time, if not this year, then next year.  I bookmarked a website with more information.

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Exceedingly lovely