Monday, March 4, 2013

Costa Rica photos

Sloth (oso perezoso) in Costa Rica. I had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica with a friend. I posted my album at this link: Costa Rica photos

We saw many animals along the river, learned about turtle nesting sites and the ecology. We traveled from coast to coast, the Rain Forest, the Cloud Forest, the Dry Forest. I enjoyed hiking in the Arenal area on the hanging bridges.  Best of all was swimming in the hot mineral pools.  A great trip.

Also, I got to practice my Spanish.  I had taken a review course in the fall and I enjoyed using it.  I definitely need more Spanish classes to become fluent again (I had studied Spanish more than 40 years ago and have forgotten most of it).  I am a perpetual student and always looking to learn new things and more about them. This trip was educational as well as enjoyable. Highly recommended!

I met and enjoyed speaking with another artist, Edgar Yerar, but could not find a link for him online. The one he gave me did not work. He gave me some great ideas for future artwork. I took a picture of him and his display.

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