Monday, March 18, 2013

Trail Series - continued

 Mount Morgan

I am going to take a break for a while from my trail series. I'm planning on experimenting with something more graphic for a large panel. I'll probably do my initial study with watercolor.  The panels are 4 feet by 4 feet. I haven't done anything that large yet. Should be fun.

Meanwhile, this painting and the others I posted recently are up on my website. This mountain is part of a two peak hike near Squam Lake in New Hampshire. It is easier to go up Mount Morgan first, then down a bit, then up again to Mount Percival and back down to the trail head.  It is a moderate hike with some steep areas.  There are beautiful views of the lake from both peaks.  I did a painting of Mount Percival in the past with campers on the peak.

We're expecting snow tonight in New Hampshire and I'm looking forward to it.  Spring is trying to get here, I found one crocus open and the birds are chirping away, but I would like to do cross country skiing one more time. Also, the snow covers up all the leaves that didn't get raked up in the fall. We'll have lots of spring cleanup to do soon.

Trails & Hiking Gallery
The link above should take you directly to the trail series and other trail paintings.

I have learned a lot from doing this series and will probably continue it in the future.  I have already picked out more photos to work from.  Doing the Mount Morgan painting I learned that I need to be much more careful with my original drawing from a photo.  This part of the trail was fairly flat, but my painting came out to look more uphill because I didn't have my drawing done accurately.  I'm o.k. with my mistakes, since I consider myself a perpetual student and I'm learning all the time. I decided not to wipe out my errors and start over, just crop the photo and enjoy looking at the painting anyway.

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