Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Lizard - Costa Rica

A small study of the Emerald or green lizard from Costa Rica done from a photo I took while on vacation. I didn't like the way the photo showed the lizard on the ground (it was boring), so I placed him on a branch with his tail hanging down.  I thought that was a better composition.  This is on 8" X 10" canvas panel.

This is the male lizard of this species (basiliscus plumifrons). The male has plumed crests which reminded me of the dorsal fins on fish. They are also called "Jesus Christ" lizards because they can walk on water. I thought these were prettier than the iguanas and other lizards that I saw.  I posted it on my website and printed out some cards for myself. Emerald Lizard Cards

I start back in art class next week. Looking forward to learning more and painting more.

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