Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Along the way to Eilat

This painting went quickly. I did the mountains with a palette knife. Still need more practice with that. The mountains were seen from the bus window so my original photo was not too clear. We were traveling down the highway to Eilat (Israel) at the end of the winter. The mountains are in Jordan, the desert and date trees are in Israel. I was impressed with the way the sunlight hit the mountains in certain spots. I tried to take a few pictures, but it's hard to do that through a bus window.  I still need to finish a little glazing on the painting and then varnish it. My teacher felt that the gray sky needed to be lightened up a little, but it was a very gray day, so I think I will leave it as is.

Acrylic painting, 11" X 14" on canvas panel. Available by contacting me directly.

I'm not sure if I will have access to internet to post next week as I will be traveling. I will try to put something up if I have a chance. I will have my laptop with me. I did more pen and ink work on the earlier drawing (Old City), but haven't decided whether or not to add any color to it.

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