Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a moment in time

just a moment in time
seeing the toddler’s face in my mind
transposed onto the handsome man
at the keyboard
smiling and joyful as he sang
and played for the sold-out crowd

the toddler with perfect pitch
singing along with the piano tuner
in our small Belgian apartment
and the musical youngster
who did not want to continue
piano lessons and switched to clarinet

piano lessons started again in college
his own choice this time
full circle, generation to generation,
two grandfathers whose love of music
was passed down to parents
who kept the music going
to the next generation
just a moment in time

©2009 Linda H Feinberg
Author's note: I saw this image in my mind while watching my oldest son, Jake Freedman, playing  keyboard with his band in Portland, Maine in November. It was a beautiful image.

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