Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hope my readers are having a happy Chanukah.  I am very busy this month and next with my bookkeeping service, so I don't usually have time to post to the blog.  However, I made this card which has been well received and I've had several orders.  The photo was of a sunset seen from my house. I played with it a bit in Photoshop.  I didn't feel like using the standard picture of a hanukkiah (the special menorah/candelabra with 9 candle holders for Chanukah.)  I liked the sunset colors, they remind me a bit of the colors of the flames from the Chanukah candles.  The words are from the prophet Zechariah and are part of the liturgy on the holiday. 

I did a craft fair a couple of weeks ago and some of the people were surprised to see texts on my cards from Jewish, Christian and Apache sources.  If the words speak to me, I like to include them with my artwork.  I think the meaning is more important than the source.

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Bruce said...

Exceedingly lovely. Belated chanukah wishes to all.