Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maine - Memorial Day Weekend

Had a good time in Maine - did almost 400 miles round trip. We visited friends in the Belgrade Lakes area. They took us to the cemetery where Joe’s “other mother” (Irene Proctor) was buried this winter. She was in her 90’s and we miss her. This is a poem I wrote about her a few years ago.

visit with an old friend in Waterville

at the sunset of life
she is content with a blueberry muffin
and watching the Red Sox on TV
her gnarled hands perfectly manicured
her white hair beautifully arranged

she walks with a cane now
but is still filled with energy
and a positive attitude
adjusting gradually to her new room
making new friends with her dry Maine humor
and slowly realizing she will not go home again

copyright 2002 Linda H. Feinberg, from my chapbook “Gathering the Sparks”

Then on to Lewiston where we went to the Bates College Museum. Senior student art exhibit. Also a Japanese kimono exhibit and a Mount Katahdin paintings exhibit. Small and very nice museum. Talented students. http://www.bates.edu/museum.xml The exhibits change during the year. We were glad we got to see this one.

After Lewiston we drove to the "Sleepy Hollow" Motel in Biddeford (our cheapy night - less than $60.) We were pleasantly surprised. The motel was clean, quiet and had very comfortable beds.

On Sunday we hiked Ossipee Hill in Waterboro, Maine. Took us 2 hours 20 minutes with stops for views & a snack. Went up the fire tower and got great views. Could see Mt Washington's snowy peaks from there too. (I think that’s over 100 miles) There was a family cemetery at the beginning of the hike (dirt road, old stone walls). Most of the graves were from the 1800's. Some of the men served in the Mexican war and Spanish-American war. We said prayers there appropriate for Memorial Day weekend. Also saw my old enemy - poison ivy, but I avoided it and we had an enjoyable weekend away. (If you double click on the picture below, you will get a bigger version and you can see the snowy peaks better.)

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Bruce said...

Could use a vacation...instead we're sending our daughter to camp...go figure.

I also like the picture of you both on the tractor!