Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the church steeple in East Derry

"the dead don't need to tell time," said the caretaker
that's why the south side of the steeple is plain,
as it faces the old cemetery across the street --
the other three sides have working clock faces

some brave and hardy soul climbs the stairs
and winds the mechanism when needed
probably lubricating the gears too
nothing digital or electric here

will our modern timepieces still be working
one hundred years hence,
or will they be considered antiques then too?

the old clock will still go on, another hundred years,
as long as someone cares enough
to climb the steep stairs
and wind it

copyright 2001, Linda H. Feinberg

1 comment:

Bruce said...

That's more than i can say for me...i [most probably] won't be around a hundred years from now...EVEN if someone climbs stairs and winds me up.