Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chapter Four in the Oval Office

President Egan goes on, "Allison has indicated to me that we need to be brought up to speed on the critical situation of the nuclear threat developing in Iran."

"Allison the floor is yours!"

"Thank you sir! We are aware of the rhetoric that the president of Iran has been putting out over Iran's right to have nuclear capabilities for domestic use.

"This recently elected president has an advantage that past presidents have not had. Iran is beginning to sit very comfortably with a major influx of money caused by the skyrocketing prices of oil. They appear to be using a great deal of that money for major expansions in their nuclear program.

"Intelligence reports indicate that Iran has several nuclear development sites. We now know they are using over 450 nuclear experts. Their secret nuclear weapons program is being supervised by the military and their Supreme Leader. Remember the president is more of a mouth piece; the Supreme Leader is the one who is in control. The Supreme Leader and the mullahs that he chooses are in control."

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