Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Private exhibit

I was invited to decorate a bare wall and have an exhibit in a business in Boise near the airport.  The paintings will be up until the end of the month. While I am flattered that someone saw and liked my paintings, I don't really expect to sell any.  I also left some prints there just in case someone would like a print.  I filed today for a seller's vendor ID since Idaho has a 6% sales tax.

Meanwhile I have been painting, both serious and non-serious fun paintings.

My nebula was just a fun acrylic painting, 16" X 20" from a website. I painted black paint over an old painting that I didn't like (no point in wasting a good new canvas just for me). I have done one other painting from this site and found watching the instructor was as much fun as the painting. The Art Sherpa. These are free lessons available on the internet.

This oil painting was very challenging even through I simplified the composition from my original photo of Bown Crossing farmer's market.  "Market Day" is 10" X 20", water mixable oils on a stretched canvas. I bought a new canvas for this one. I did not have the size I wanted in stock.

I am feeling sorry for my friends back east with all the snow storms and happy that we moved to Boise. It is warm today and the crocuses are up already. I hope spring is really here.  Going to take a nice walk outside soon.

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