Thursday, April 12, 2018

Light and shadow

I'm still not sure if this painting is done yet.  I was working from my photo of Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. We toured there with my late brother a few years ago. It was a beastly hot day (over 100 degrees F) and I was amazed at the cliffs and rocks.After living in New England for so long, it seemed strange to see an environment like this.

I tried to convey that sense of heat with the shadows and colors. I've set the painting aside to dry and I'll think about it some more. Meanwhile, I'm going to try some different techniques and learn more about painting with oils.  This painting is 11" X 14" on stretched canvas, water mixable oils. 

As I've been experimenting I also bought some new brushes and more paint.  I'm enjoying my quiet studio in Idaho, but I need to tidy up and put away paintings now.  I brought back the paintings that were on exhibit and now I have to find a place for them, probably in storage in my garage except for a few I will hang up.

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