Monday, February 5, 2018

Idaho Exhibit

My first exhibit in Idaho went well. I was proud to be juried in and surrounded by excellent art. I submitted 3 paintings for consideration. I was surprised that the juror picked my bridge painting since the image is from Manchester, NH, not Idaho. The exhibit is run by the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance which I joined last month.  I'm looking forward to meeting the other artists in this area. (Photo from Facebook courtesy of Joe Smiga)

Meanwhile I felt like having some fun. I was inspired by a contest (which I did not enter) for a self-portrait. I decided to make mine inspired by Van Gogh.  I couldn't quite figure out his brush stokes, but I did have a good time playing with paint.

My hand surgery (trigger finger) went well and I am slowly healing. I won't be able to paint again for about 10 days.  My daughter visited from Salt Lake City and we had some good walks and talks together.  My knee is healing and I am able to walk for about 1 hour now. That is a big improvement.  I was getting depressed thinking I would always be in pain and not able to walk more than a few minutes at a time.

I will work some more on this katydid when I can paint again.  I bought four 4 X 6 panels with different surfaces to experiment with.  I started this one with watercolor pencils, but was not happy with the illustration.  I went over the image with oil paint. Still needs work.

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