Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This will be the first time I am exhibiting a painting in Idaho. I'm excited to be meeting other artists. I haven't been doing much writing or painting, but I'm enjoying my first experience of a mild winter. I'm happy that we moved here closer to family and it is a big relief to be away from shoveling snow and dealing with ice storms.  We plan on visiting family and friends in NH during the summer months when it is ridiculously hot in Boise.  (It's a trade off since I don't like heat, but we do have central air conditioning which makes it bearable.)

Meanwhile I'm playing with small canvases until after my hand surgery next week.  I bought Lukas water mixable paints to try out and they seem to be a bit smoother to paint with than the Winsor & Newton ones. I bought a set so I don't have as many colors, but it will be convenient for plein air painting since it came with a carry box. 

I am working on a self portrait now that was inspired by an advertisement for a contest. I am not planning on submitting it, but took on the challenge and I'm trying to make it in Van Gogh style, inspired by his portraits.  I'll post it when it's done. It was fun to start on this morning.

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