Sunday, April 1, 2012

Waiting for her ride

Waiting for her ride
at Mount Scopus (Jerusalem), Israel

Watercolor painting with pen and ink from photo I took at Hadassah rehab center in Israel (late winter). This was the original Hadassah Hospital before the new one was built. It has been changed to a rehabilitation center now and we had a good tour.  While we were outside listening to the guide, my eye was drawn to this woman patiently waiting for her ride.

It disturbs me that so many people falsely believe that Israel is an apartheid state. We saw everyone being treated with respect at the hospitals, no matter how they were dressed or what their belief systems were. I don't know if this woman was an Israeli citizen or not, but it didn't matter. The  citizens of Israel also have full voting and democratic rights, that includes the non-Jewish citizens. We rode on buses and went into supermarkets while we were there and everyone was civil.

I liked my photo but wasn't sure I wanted to spend the time making a painting of it, so I just did a little sketch and then put some watercolor on it. Sometimes I do the color first and the pen and ink second, but this time I did the drawing with pen and ink first and colored it second. That seemed to work for this painting.  I am not going to do an acrylic painting of this image since I like it just the way it is. I have many other photos to work with for acrylic painting and I still need to finish up the ones I started earlier. When I scanned it in, I noticed that the colors did not come out accurately. I'm guessing that is due to the watercolor pigment and I don't know how to correct it. The fence has more blue in it (cobalt) and the driveway is actually turquoise. The wall in back is golden deep (more toward orange, than yellow). I used Yarka pan watercolor paints on Arches 140 lb. hot press paper. The painting is 8 X 10 inches.

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