Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outside the wall, Jerusalem

Acrylic painting done from my photo while we were walking outside the wall in Jerusalem. Painting is 11" X 14" on canvas board (unframed) and available for purchase ($175 plus shipping). Just contact me if you are interested. I don't sell anything or use advertisements on this blog, but I can post it on my website which uses Paypal.

I'm enjoying using my Israel photos from the trip this year as a basis for painting. The tree on the left in the painting is an olive tree and I am working on painting a larger one from a photo of an old olive tree near Tzfat (northern Israel).

My painting classes are going well and I hope to take another drawing class during the summer months. I would like to improve my skills in that area too. This weekend we hope to start hiking again so next week I'll probably have a couple of photos from the great outdoors. Maybe we'll get to see some wild turkeys too.

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