Saturday, February 5, 2011

cross country skiing (poem)


colors sing to me
the whiteness of snow like Chopin
an etude in shades of gray, blue and brown
a glissando on my skis to warm up
the angels watching over me
so I don’t fall

the sound of the snowmobiles
breaks the serenity of the moment
hiding the winter warblers song
but the machines pass by quickly
leaving behind a nasty gassy smell

soon we reach a bridge
the snow beside it
covered with animal tracks
mostly dog, some deer
and moose too
the other side has open water
reflecting trees, evergreens,
birches and oaks
all at peace in winter

I stop to take photos
then look up to see
my love waiting for me
at the bottom of a big hill
and decide to turn back
wimp that I am
but we’ve both had
enough exercise this day
our hearts warmed up
no matter how cold the air

the bard compares his love
to a summer’s day
but my love is beautiful
as this frosty winter’s day

copyright 2011 Linda H. Feinberg

Shakespeare, Sonnet 18, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

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Betinha Correia said...

I like very mutch..thanks