Monday, September 27, 2010

Andres Institute (Sculpture)

The Boat
Sculpture by Milen Vassilev, Bulgaria 2004
"Everybody has a boat and a direction in their life. We can create the direction of the boat, but we cannot change the direction of the current of the river of our life – the journey may be smooth or difficult – the same as our life."

Beautiful fall hike up a hill with sculptures on many trails. This is a free outdoor museum in Brookline, NH Andres Institute  We will go back again another time to see more trails and more sculptures. I posted some additional photos on FaceBook.

These large figures are called "Debate" - there were three of them, one seated in the middle. I didn't take a picture of that one. They looked like they were made of interesting junk metals. Joe e-mailed me a photo he sent of that figure along with our group. I am in the middle.

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