Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cactus studies/acrylic tube paints

This was my very first attempt with acrylics, using them transparently, mixed with water on cold press paper.  I was very unhappy with the result, but figured it was o.k. for my first attempt.  Yesterday, I decided to play with it some more and added  pen and ink. I am more comfortable drawing with pen than painting with a brush.  I think it looks more interesting now.  I decided to do the same thing with my second attempt (below). Now I'm not so unhappy with the new (for me) medium.

This second attempt was with acrylic paint mixed with white so it would be more opaque. It is on a primed canvas panel. Again, I didn't like the result, but played with my pen and now I'm satisfied with my little experiment. I hope to take a class in this medium in the fall so I will learn to paint.

These paintings were from a photo I took last month at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.

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