Monday, June 21, 2010


I have been experimenting with acrylic tube paints on all sorts of surfaces. I've tried watercolor paper, primed canvas, mat board, Yupo and a few others. Interesting, but I'm frustrated at this point and have not been able to make anything to show.  Three people who came into my office/studio liked the effects and the abstract look of one painting. That was nice, but not what I was attempting to do.  I'll keep playing with these for a while and take an actual class in the fall.  I think I need to just take one leaf, or one flower and attempt that instead of a landscape (I was working on a cactus with flowers), perhaps just one paddle of the cactus.  The Yupo paper (a synthetic paper) gave very interesting effects.

Meanwhile I'm thinking of setting up a query on Facebook or Linked In to try to get people's opinions on whether or not they would ever buy art (prints/cards) online, why etc.  My web site is attracting lookers, but no buyers. The cards and prints are very reasonably priced and I do well at craft shows. I was hoping to sell a few online, but this doesn't seem to be happening.  I'm thinking that my crafts are more of an impulse buy when you see them, rather than something that is searched for and bought online. Readers, any comments?

(I did put the query on Facebook today, but I'm not sure how their discussion boards work so I don't know if I did it right.)

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