Friday, February 7, 2014

Finished Paintings

Sewalls Falls Bridge
Concord NH
Acrylic on canvas board, 11" X 14"

I had one leftover 11" X 14" canvas from a class. I thought this bridge would look good in that format. I cropped my photo with Photoshop and played with some of the artistic filters to decide how to paint the bridge.  I decided that less detail would work for me.  This is acrylic on canvas board.

There is an easy walking trail at the Sewalls Falls Multi-Use Recreation Area in Concord. The trail runs along the Merrimack River.  It continues to a second parking lot and another trail that goes to Concord Rotary Island Park.  We walked this trail in July last year and the shade from all the big trees was much appreciated.  There was a little beach further on and we met some friendly dogs and people there too.

View from West Rattlesnake
Oil on stretched canvas, 8" X 10"

A small 8" X 10" oil painting on stretched canvas.  The trails on West and East Rattlesnake in the Squam Lakes area of New Hampshire have beautiful views. They are easy to moderate for hiking and many families bring their children up there to have a little exercise and a picnic.

I am getting more comfortable with the water mixable oils (Winsor & Newton Artisan), but still haven't tried a larger size canvas.  I did an underwash with transparent pyrrole orange (acrylic). The colors are a little brighter than my usual and I like them.

To purchase a card or print of the scene above: 

Rabbi Y'Shia Stebsa Dion
Acrylic on canvas board, 8" X 10"

I finished my sepia painting of the rabbi.  After some good comments from other artists, I decided to make the right side lighter (the way it looks in the photo in my post of Jan. 22nd). I also worked on his beard a little more.  I'm happy with the result now and I probably won't try another portrait for a while. This was very challenging.  Acrylic painting on canvas board, 8" X 10" with limited colors, titanium white, burnt umber.  I did a very light burnt umber underwash on the canvas before I started the actual painting.

To purchase a card or print of the rabbi:

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