Thursday, February 27, 2014

Experiments and WIP

Wild Apples, 11" X 14", oil

I have been experimenting with the canvases that I got to keep after I completed my testing for the Dick Blick Company.  It was interesting being a tester and I would be happy to do that again.  I gave some of the canvases that I felt were only fair or unacceptable to some of my artist friends to play with. They would still be good for collage, or with another couple of coats of gesso would be quite usable. Also, the ones with a texture that I felt was too rough might be fine for someone using a different technique.

The painting of Wild Apples is not quite finished.  I haven't been able to get a good photo and I notice that all my highlights on the apples disappear in the photo.  I think I need to lighten them some more and take a picture outside in natural light.  It has been quite cold and snowy here this winter so I will wait for a warmer day for that.

Anyway, I feel that I should apologize as I haven't been blogging as often as I would like.  I have been very busy with projects for the different non-profits that I am treasurer of and my painting time has been limited.  Those projects are almost finished now and I should have more time to paint.

These are experiments on Fredrix medium texture real artist canvas, 9" X 12". This paper comes in a pad and as you can see I taped it to a board to work on it. The canvas is already primed and ready to paint.  I was using up the paint that was left on my palette for the painting on the left.  I was looking at a photo, but not being precise.  Just getting the sense of the road and the trees in the background. I decided to make an actual painting (next photo below).

The experiment on the right, also on that same canvas pad was not from a photo or a view of anything. I had watched a Bob Ross demo online and thought I would like to try the wet in wet technique.  I found a recipe online for the "liquid white" or magic white that is used as the base and mixed some up.  Then I just tried some clouds, mountains etc., typical scenery.  I liked the way the paint (Artist water mixable oil) flowed and will probably try this again.  I didn't care for my trees, but that's probably because I wasn't painting from direct observation.  I felt that the composition was a bit boring, again for the same reason.  Some people can paint beautifully just from their imagination and memory. I still need visual aids but enjoy learning all these new techniques.

I haven't gotten too far with this 11" X 14" painting, but will continue to work on it.  I am going to put in some fall colors to liven things up. The photo is of Route 3 in Pittsburg, NH.  This is the road that goes up to the border station (Quebec, Canada). It's also informally called "Moose Alley". We like to go up to that area for fishing and hiking.  I'm not sure if I'll put in the road signs in the final painting or just leave it as a generic landscape.  The wild apple tree was also in Pittsburg. I took that photo by the First Connecticut Lake on our last trip there.

I'm setting up an exhibit at the Derry Public Library next week and will post my photos of my framed paintings then.  The library had a last minute cancellation for March and invited me back. They kept my name on file since they liked my work from last year.  I was happy to hear from them. More next week.

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