Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Goals for 2014

I have been doing some reading on alternate ways to get my art sold.  I signed up for ebay, but have not posted anything yet as I'm still researching.  Meanwhile, I pulled out some of my old colored pencil drawings and matted them.  I will put these up first as an inexpensive tryout of the ebay site.  I am hopeful that I will eventually get to a point where I can sell my paintings at a decent price.

I sold several original paintings in 2013 (as well as cards and prints) and would like to sell more.  I thought I would start by offering some of my older work first and see how that goes.  For the most part these are drawings and paintings that are not on my website (although the peppers one is there), but are still pretty and would look nice framed.

I am still painting and doing some experiments with limited colors.  I'll try to finish my oil painting with the same limited colors as I did with the acrylic one in the last post.  I think the colors look better in the oil paints, but I still have the same difficulties as before -- getting the darks really dark and the long drying time between layers.

I did another experiment with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna to get a variety of grays (complementary colors).  I used acrylic paints on watercolor paper.  I don't like this scene enough to make a real painting, but I liked the way the colors worked to get the grays.  I bought a small canvas (5" X 5") to try a painting of just the seagull and the rock, without so much background.

I have some other goals for my poetry and art. I am always learning new stuff and enjoy the challenges of being a perpetual student. Happy new year.

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