Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Franconia Falls

I think this acrylic painting is finished now. I will leave it for a couple of weeks before I varnish it to make sure I don't change my mind and see some other little thing that I feel I need to fix.  There is a point where too much fiddling around with the final details can ruin a painting. I don't want to pass that point, but as an art student, I'm never really sure when a painting is done. This painting is 16" X 20" on stretched canvas.

Meanwhile, I decided I wanted to paint a pond picture in dawn colors.  However, I got carried away with the palette knife and started something that seems to be completely abstract and doesn't look anything like a pond.  I don't know where I'm going with this one, but I'm having fun.

I did start this with a grid from a photo I had of Round Pond at Lake Pawtuckaway State Park, so I was intending to paint the pond with water lilies and pine trees, a little beach in the background.  The grid was so I could put the shoreline in the right space from the smaller photo. Anyway, I'll figure out something interesting to put on the background later on. This is an 11" X 14" canvas board, acrylic paint.

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