Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winter Trails

I'm looking forward to winter and cross country skiing this year. Last year we were away and there wasn't enough snow when we returned in March. I painted from a photo of a snowmobiler taken the year before, when we were skiing in Auburn, NH.  There are lots of trails nearby and we have our own equipment so we don't need to pay fees. We do have to watch out for the snowmobiles and the dog sleds (they have the right of way), but there are still many quiet places to go where it is not crowded with machines. We also hike on these trails during the other seasons.

This painting is almost done. It is 16" X 20" acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  I am leaving it up on my easel for now to see if I want to do anything else to it.  Once I've made my final decision I will varnish it. Meanwhile, it's still fall here and we have a big cleanup of the fall leaves from the storm. We were lucky and did not lose our electricity with the hurricane, but it is a mess here. Last year we did not have power for 3 days (and it was cold then) due to the surprise October snowstorm. I don't mind cleaning up the leaves and I can wait a little longer for the snow.

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