Friday, August 17, 2012

Art Process

It is definitely harder to design a painting that is coming out of my thoughts and feelings, rather than a landscape or still life that I can see.  These are the shapes that I have come up with after making several designs, pictures follow.  I am not sure that this is my final design, or if I will change it while I am painting.

Below is my first original idea, just sketched on newsprint. I was thinking about my family and how we passed on our love of music from generation to generation.  My father used to listen to classical music and opera on WQXR radio in NY during my childhood. We also had a record player and I took classical piano lessons.

Then I passed my love of music to my children.  They took music lessons in school, one on clarinet, another on saxophone, another on piano and guitar.  I continued playing piano.

I added more information, music notes and some of my thoughts on sketch #2, which was done on white sketch paper.

I wasn't happy with sketch #2 so I started a new sketch #3 with more changes.  I wanted to keep the curves and flow.

I took out the castanets and maracas (I might put them in again on the final, I am undecided). I added some color notes. I moved the clarinet and saxophone down a little. This is the design I am working from for the painting.  You can see the shapes better in my outline sketch done in ink on tracing paper at the top of the post.

And finally the musical inspiration.  This section of Chopin's Funeral March is very beautiful, not sad or somber like the beginning. My father always loved this piece when I played it and I do as well. Two of my children have continued as semi-professional musicians and are involved with bands.

The underpainting is done and I hope to start my actual painting today. This will be an acrylic painting on canvas mounted on board.

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