Monday, January 23, 2012

Tel Aviv/Kibbutz etc.

Tel Aviv was interesting. We went to the craft market (artists/musicians/artisans/shops/cafes) and then over to the regular market (fruit/vegetables/clothing). It was very crowded and I am not used to being in a big city. When I told one of our group that I thought it was crowded, she said this wasn’t bad, it was much worse in the summer. I guess I wouldn’t be happy living in a big city.  Anyway, we walked along Allenby Street and I enjoyed looking at everything. I posted some pictures:

We spent Saturday morning with our friend at Kibbutz Ma’agan Micha’el (I don’t know how to spell it in English). The kibbutz has a plastics factory (injection molding), raises koi (ornamental fish) for Europe and some other kind of fish for the local markets.  He gave us a wonderful tour of the hatchery and fish ponds. The kibbutz is along the Mediterranean sea. The fish ponds have netting over them to keep the birds from eating all the fish. Some birds get inside the netting and can’t get out. That was sad. Some of  them do get out. We had a lovely lunch in the kibbutz dining room and then went back to their apartment for coffee and cake.   I took many pictures. Posted them here:

 We have been tutoring students in English in two different schools in the mornings (our volunteer work) and taking Hebrew classes in the afternoon. It’s been a wonderful experience to be here in Israel.

We had a wonderful, inspiring lecture last night on Hadassah by Barbara Sofer. Today we tutored at a high school, then had Ulpan Hebrew classes in the afternoon. Tonight we are going to a classical music concert. I hope I don't fall asleep during it! Tomorrow we go to Jerusalem, just for the day. We will be going there for a week at the end of this trip, in March. We are having a wonderful, slightly exhausting time. Very happy.

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