Sunday, October 2, 2011

in the tent on Rosh Hashanah

even the raindrops are holy
dripping down from the tent
plastic covering the ark
with the sacred torahs

the prayers are the same
from one year to the next
only my intention changes

next year the rabbi says
we will pray in a building
but I like to pray outdoors
the leaves are changing color
the grass is still green
the perennials are slowly withering
the cycle of the seasons
is comfortable for me

mothers with young children
come later to make sure
they hear the shofar blown
the whole service is too long
for the babies and little ones

finally the time comes
the rabbi tells us all
to come forward to see the shofar
the women on one side
men on the other
we all hear the sound
no matter where we stand
and we celebrate again
the birthday of the world

©Linda H. Feinberg
2011 (5772)

“Happy are the people that know the sound of the shofar.
O God, they walk in the light of Your spirit.”

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