Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Downtown art project (Manchester NH)

I had seen my photo on this building last week, but didn't get downtown in time to actually take a picture before it was taken down. I am in the middle of the group (older woman with white hair and glasses).  Luckily for me, the local newspaper (Union Leader) photographer had taken a picture and it was in the paper October 12th. I went to the library and took a picture of his picture. (Silly, isn't it? But I wanted to post it and send it to family.) This art project was a local part of the Insideout Art Project (that seems to be global one). I don't know much about it, but you can check the link and see if your city is involved.

More information about the city project at this link:
Anyway, this was an interesting project. A photographer (Ann Kelly, I believe) took lots of photos of people at the Peoplefest festival in the fall. Various artists and others helped her put up the photos all over the downtown area.

Last night Joe & I met with another group of artists and we are hoping to organize more fun downtown projects. Funding is always an issue, but we have a core group and lots of great ideas.


Usemeplz said...

I also think that it is interesting idea.. such photos are beautiful, cause it shows public life in city and in the same time underline healthy way..

Linda H. Feinberg said...

Thank you.