Wednesday, March 23, 2011

writing letters in my head

I take a little break from reading
to get a snack or cup of tea
close my eyes for a moment
and rest my mind from concentration
suddenly I’m writing letters in my head
the monkey brain at work
always chattering away
for a quiet person I seem to have
a lot of noise going on there
thankfully no one else hears it

I tease my husband
and laughingly tell him
he is full of words pouring out
page after page in his novels
but my words just float around
quietly in my head
sometimes they make it
to a poem or letter
but more often they just disappear
other words appearing in their place
or conversations go on in my mind
I assume between my id and ego
but I hear them as my mother
or father giving me advice
only it’s really me in that place now
as mother and matriarch

when I’m tired of listening
I turn on music
or go back to my book
it is still a struggle to
stay in the moment
be present to others
but as a creative person
I know it’s also a gift
and I am thankful for
the gift of words

copyright 2011 Linda H. Feinberg

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