Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drake's Brook/Sandwich Mountain Trails/Jennings Peak

We hiked again in Waterville Valley area yesterday. I am convinced that trail maps lie. I had calculated a loop trail would take about 5 hours, doable at our level as we had been doing 4 hours the last two weekends. The trails actually took us close to 8 hours and we were very tired when we got down. Fortunately only a few minor slips on slippery trails and rocks did not cause any great harm to either of us. I actually enjoyed the cold water at the end of the trail and did not mind getting my shoes & socks soaked. Felt good on my tired feet and legs.

First we stopped at Ski Fanatics in Campton and I bought a hiking stick (Whistle Creek).  That was much more helpful on the trails than my trekking pole.  It is nice and sturdy and helped a great deal on both the uphill and downhill terrain.

According to the trail map, the Drake's Brook trail to the connection with the Sandwich Mountain trail is 3.2 miles, another .2 miles to Jennings Peak. The downhill is marked on the sign as 2.5 miles going from the connection back down through Noon Peak and to the parking lot. Personally, I don't believe the signage either. This was our longest hike ever and I'm glad it wasn't as hot and humid as the last two weekends.

Anyway, we made it to the 3500 foot summit of Jennings Peak and had beautiful views.  Also completed the Noon Peak part of the trail which we had done a portion of last weekend.  Very steep and rocky. My legs are tired, but I'll be fine by tomorrow.  Since we are in our 60's, I am proud of both of us for completing ths long hike and making it to the top!

I put more pictures up on Facebook, just a few here.

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Bruce said...

Looks lovely despite the hardship of a looong hike. I've never liked hiking trail maps.