Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wapack Trail, Barrett Mountain

Good hike Saturday on the Wapack Trail to Barrett Mountain. The Wapack Trail is very long running from Massachusetts (Watatic Mountain) through the Monadnock Region, over several small mountains and on to Greenfield.  We hiked about 4 hours total, that was enough for us.  This part of the trail was very overgrown, but there were good trail markers and we didn't get lost.  Due to the storms last winter, the trail head has been relocated and we didn't know that, but in getting a bit mixed up, we did get to see some wild turkeys in a pasture. Just the girls! Anyway, that was fun.

Barrett Mountain is about 1800 feet in elevation. There was no sign at the top so we weren't sure we were at the right place. We continued on and started going downhill after a while so we turned back. We met some other hikers who were doing a through hike to Watatic. They assured us we had gone over the top of Barrett. They also told us where to go to get some views. I didn't get a good photo of Mount Monadnock since it was very hazy, but the views were pretty anyway.

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