Sunday, July 25, 2010

Noon Peak, Waterville Valley, NH

Here we are hiking again. I promised myself last year that I wouldn't do anything steep any more, but this trail was steep. I guess I lied to myself!  Anyway, it didn't look too intimidating at the beginning (at the trail sign), but then we had to cross Drake's Brook. I have never been fond of slippery rocks, but made it across. We hiked for 2 hours uphill and never did see a sign saying that we were at Noon Peak (which was our goal, around 3,000 feet). We think maybe that big boulder in the picture was it, but we're not sure.

When we saw the really big rock climb in the last picture we decided to have lunch and use that as our turnaround point. We did not see any signs for the loop trail to the Drake's Brook Trail, but that was at Jennings Peak and we never made it that far. It was hot and humid. The moss on the rocks was soaking wet when I touched it. We could smell the balsam (that's the piney smell of wreaths I think) and hear the birds chirping. Lots of mushrooms, all different colors on the trail, also fungi on the dead trees. It was an interesting hike. I didn't take many pictures since I had forgotten to recharge my camera batteries. We made it down o.k., with only minor slips and had to go through that pesky brook again. I only got my feet a little wet, but it felt fine!

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