Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chapter Forty-Three Early October

Jibril Atwan, advisor to the Supreme Leader, must now do some contacting of his own. Sitting in his office in the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, Atwan puts a call through to a phone number he has just looked up in his file. A phone rings in Russia.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Your friend Jibril. Kolzak, how are things going for you?”

“Could always be better, Jibril. Are you calling on a secure line?”

“I wouldn’t call you any other way.”

“What did I do to deserve this pleasure, my friend?”

“The last time we spoke, you promised me two Kilos in ten to twelve months time. I’m merely calling to see if they are still on schedule.”

“Jibril, you’re fortunate that I like you,” says Kolzak, his voice deep and gruff. “You know that I’m only the minister of defense, not somebody with power. But, yes, we are still on schedule for the ten to twelve months delivery date I gave you. However, Jibril, now that you have called, I think it is good that you consider paying us the moneys you’re scheduled to pay since we have upgraded your delivery. I’m sure you know that it costs to get the needed parts as quickly as you want them. I also expect that you will have deposited the remainder when your crews arrive to receive delivery of the subs from our yards.”

“I assume that when you require the balance,” Atwan counters, “the subs will have under-gone sea trials. I do not want any of my men finding what could be fatal leaks.”

“Jibril, you can have your men here in four months, if you like. They can monitor and sign off on the sea trials and have any questions answered for them first-hand. That way we do not have to worry about any suspicious sub sinkings on the way home. I don’t want you calling me back saying something is my fault.”

Atwan just laughs. Would I do something like that? “I wouldn’t put it past you, Jibril.”

“Your money will be wired tomorrow, my friend. I will take you up on sending my two crews up in four months.” Atwan decides to push his luck. “Can they participate in the sea trials?”

“I can arrange that.” Of course. We have all been told to keep Iran happy, whatever the cost.

“Kolzak, when my people leave for home, I would hope you can aid us in making sure they don’t arouse suspicion when passing Norway, Sweden and Denmark on their way into the North Sea.”

“So long as they don’t go flying the Iranian flag, Jibril, they should have no problem. People are used to seeing our subs in the Baltic. Once they clear Denmark, they can run submerged for long periods.”

“Good,” Atwan replies. “I’m trying not to get too many people interested in our latest acqui-sition.”

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