Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chapter Ten Meeting with the Desert Rats

Natan rises and says, "Well gentlemen, we have a lot to think about. You have evidently thought about this for awhile. Don't expect us to give you an answer overnight. We will get back to you in two weeks, whether or not we are interested."

"So, what do you think, Yosef?" As they climb into the new Volvo that Ariel received as his latest car.

"I think they are very intelligent individuals. I can see why they did not continue as officers in the military. Both of them express a sense of disrespect for authority. Yet, I sense they will come back with a proposal.

"Ariel, I read their military files. These men are not frightened easily and I suspect they realize what the political situation is with Iran.

"I think they will realize that this plan is probably a last ditch effort on Israel's part to undercover the truth about Iran before the Israeli government reacts."

Speeding down the highway to Tel Aviv, Ariel frowns and asks, "What do you suggest that we do if they say no."

"Ha, you are the director Ariel; don't lay that one on me."

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