Friday, August 11, 2017


Paper Clips

I dreamed I was emptying drawers of paper clips
the dream was confused with images of Gert
and the photos my daughter posted last night.
Gert, my former mom, is now in assisted living
 I guess in my dream state I was helping
to empty drawers and get stuff ready to move
similar to my decluttering for our recent move
the images changed to going through houses
meeting women I did not know
driving a car down a street that turned into grass
and finally coming to a place where I could
set up my easel and paint an interesting house
that reminded me of the old house on Harrison Street
where I lived in the 1960’s
Dreams are so confusing but I felt a sense of peace
Gert is getting to the end of her life,
but she is in a good place and is not distressed.
I suppose the decluttering symbolized my recent move
and my sadness at whether or not I will see her again.

August 11, 2017
Boise, Idaho

©Linda H Feinberg

I'm still thinking about the symbolism of paper clips. They connect papers to other papers. Despite my divorce many years ago I stayed connected to my former mother-in-law and she considers us (both me and my second husband) as family. She is in her late 90's now and I didn't get to say good-bye when we left New Hampshire.  

While we have family in Idaho, I will still miss the Jewish holiday meals with my eastern family.  My Idaho family will now learn about round challah with raisins, latkes, chopped liver and matzah balls as well as Jewish holidays.  I think the term "stepchildren" is misleading. These children are my children too and I am grateful for them helping us and accepting me as another "mom". I feel very welcomed in Idaho and the people I have met are very warm and friendly. My new floor is going in today and I hope to have my studio set up over the weekend so I can start painting again next week.

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