Thursday, March 30, 2017


I have rarely been attracted to abstract painting, but after working on a realistic painting, I felt that I needed a break. A friend had posted a photo on FaceBook of Chihuly's glass installation and I remembered that I had beautiful photos from his exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston from a few years ago.  I looked at them and decided that would be fun.

I had purchased a few 11" X 14" canvases on sale recently so I pulled out the black gesso and prepared the canvas.  I picked out some bright acrylic paints and had a good time with my inspiration. This was fun to do and I even started a second one, combining the inspiration from the glass sculptures and a photo I took of two sparrows in front of my studio window.  Of course, it's not really spring here yet as we are expecting more snow, but the birds are singing and the plants are trying very hard to come up.  They will be buried under snow again tomorrow.  Mother Nature is not cooperating.

Meanwhile we are still packing and fixing up the house. Target date for our big move to Idaho is end of summer.  Lots of mountains and pretty views to paint in Idaho. :)

This is an oil painting I am still working on, the Bar U Ranch in Alberta, Canada.  I decided to let it dry while I was having fun with my acrylic paints. I will go back to it and finish it up soon.  I'll also finish up my other abstract and post that next time.

On the personal side, I had two eye surgeries this month (cataracts) and I feel really blessed that I can see well now. I am slowly getting used to needing reading glasses (instead of distance glasses or bifocals).  It's great to be able to drive without glasses and to see colors clearly now. My knee is slowly healing (had surgery in December) and I am walking better too.  While I'm enjoying my retirement, I'm not enjoying the aging process with my body, but as our friend Max used to say, "It's better on this side of the grass."

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