Monday, February 13, 2017

More fun painting

I enjoyed working on this acrylic painting during the snow storm the last few days.  The wind is really howling outside my window now although the snow is almost finished.  We had 13" on Friday and probably another 10" today. It's a good thing I really like snow!

Meanwhile I saw an image of brightly colored fish online and I knew I had many photos from my trip to Israel in 2012 so I pulled some of them out.  I combined several photos. There were many different kinds of fish in the aquariums at Eilat (Israel) and I enjoyed taking photos.  This painting is 11" X 14" acrylic paint on canvas board.  I used a brayer and fan brush at the top right to try to indicate some light coming in.

I don't want to start another serious painting until after I have my eye surgery next month.  Hopefully I will be able to see colors better once the cataracts are fixed. First the right eye will be done, then 2 weeks later, the left.  I have trouble seeing the different shades of green, also my night vision is terrible.  I'm looking forward to being able to see my toes without glasses!  The new lens that will be put in my eye will also correct my nearsightedness and I'll just need to pick up reading glasses.  I've been wearing glasses for 60 years so this will be a big change and I hope it works.

This one is not done yet. I'm not happy with the cirrus clouds and will need to work on them some more. These are hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. 16" X 20", Oil paint on gesso'ed hardboard.  I do enjoy working on this surface and I have one more board prepared, but have not decided what to paint on it yet. I'm leaning toward a more abstract sunrise or sunset idea, but need to think about it more.

Apparently I have always liked snow. This is a photo of me at almost 2 years old enjoying my sled in front of our house in New York. The storm was in February of 1948.

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