Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Studio work

Since I was frustrated with trying to work outdoors, I went back to my photo collection and decided to play with my art supplies in my studio.  This is a memorial at the Little Bighorn Battleground in Montana. While the native tribes joined together against Custer and won this battle in 1876, they subsequently lost the war. The painting is a mixed media piece, 9" X 12", pen and ink with acrylic used in a watercolor style on watercolor paper.

I am trying to draw or paint every day to improve my skills. I have taken some video classes online, but find it very difficult to follow along with someone else's images. I think I just like working with my own images since I have an emotional connection to them.

I also played a bit more with my idea of sunflowers. I like this one so far and will probably work on it a little more. Mixed media, acrylic background with oil painting over it on canvas paper. 8" X 10".
I did go out one more time with my friend to try the plein air painting again.
The Back Door, 5" X 7", water mixable oil on canvas board.
Again, I found this difficult and I didn't like my image enough to work on it as a studio piece.

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