Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mother Love -- Rosh Hashanah 5776

watching the mother cuddling her toddler
brought back memories of my own children
now fully grown, one just married,
the others content with their lives

somehow a hug from a grown man
is not the same as reading a story
to a toddler on your lap
but I am proud to see my adult children
 leading their own successful lives
the phone calls, the texts, the e-mails
let me know of their love and caring
whether near or far

as I pray in the Chabad tent again this year
I am grateful for another year
another chance to fulfill my purpose
even though I’m not sure what it is
“Hineni” – I am here
although my prayer is very different
from the liturgical one
but year after year I continue
my monologue with the divine
knowing that I also have the divine
within me

©Linda H. Feinberg

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