Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I am thinking about starting to go up to the mountains and hike again in September.  I decided to play with some of the images from my paintings and the verse from Emerson. I'm not sure which image I like best. The first painting shows the view from Mount Willard (2865 ft) in the Crawford Notch area. This was not a difficult hike and it is mostly inside the woods until you get out to the ledges and can see the magnificent view of the roads below and the presidential mountains in the distance. (White Mountains of New Hampshire)

Each image reminds me of a hike and how hard it is to go up, but the effort is always worth it. The second image was from a loop hike around Mounts Morgan and Percival.  This one was much harder and longer, but I was glad my daughter was with us and showed us how to climb over some of the boulders.  There were campers on top Mount Percival. The view was of the Squam Lakes in the distance. (Holderness area)

As I recall, this was not a difficult hike either. This third image is of Barrett Mountain in the Monadnocks area (southwestern New Hampshire). We couldn't really see Mount Monadnock from this site, but it was an enjoyable hike and we had a picnic on the rocks.

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