Friday, May 29, 2015

Back to acrylics

In the Grand Tetons, 16" X 20", acrylic on stretched canvas.

I think this is done now. I haven't put it up on my website (so no link yet) because I'm still thinking about it. After working with the oil paints for my 12 week class, I found it a little strange to go back to acrylics. I really enjoy the quick drying time, but at the same time, I liked the ability of the oil paints to last longer and mix better. I will probably continue to experiment with both media. I will definitely use the oil paints if I do any more outside painting (plein air). I hope to do some of that during the summer.

Meanwhile I started another urban painting from my photo of Manchester (NH)'s downtown scene.  I think I am going to continue in monochrome instead of following the colors in the photo. I like the way this looks so far. This is also acrylic paint, but 8" X 10".

I found simplifying all the details in a city scene quite complicated. I will have some people walking on the sidewalk in the finished painting, but I'm definitely leaving some details out.  I'm enjoying working on this one.

I am heading out to more mountains soon, so the next post will probably have photos instead of paintings. I hope to have some time to work more on the urban scene before I leave.   I'm enjoying the spring weather (although it's very changeable from day to day in New Hampshire). Here is a little photo from yesterday's walk around the pond.

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