Monday, March 24, 2014

Going up - WIP

I'm still working on this acrylic painting. I notice that my photo looks a bit dark. I will lighten this up when I am done.  We were hiking up to the fire tower at Pawtuckaway State Park when I saw this scene and liked the composition.  We have lots of granite in New Hampshire, but I don't always want to use realistic colors.  I'm not sure if I'll gray out  the granite rock or leave it something more interesting. It is a good hike and we've done it before on a different trail.  I liked this trail better.

This is  a small color study I did first.  I also did a pencil sketch and decided to move the tower a little left (from the photo).  It was too centered in the photo.  I'm hoping to be able to finish the 16" X 20" painting this week.  Then I can go back to my other unfinished paintings and work on them a bit more.

My exhibit at the Derry Public Library this month will be finished on Friday.  I'll be taking down the paintings that day.  It was a bit strange for me, but I actually missed seeing some of them in my studio while they were gone.  I don't usually have emotional attachments to my paintings once they are finished, so I was surprised that I felt that way.

When I am thinking about what I want to paint, then working on the composition, then the actual painting, I feel creative and satisfied.  Once the painting is done, I'm on to the next one and I don't usually think about the ones that are finished.

More snow predicted this week, so it will be a good week for more painting. I like snow, but I'm also feeling ready for spring to appear. I guess I'll have to wait a little bit more.

I have been putting some old drawings and paintings up on eBay.  This is the link:


Michael Karpienski said...

This is marvelous work. I really like this piece.

Michael Karpienski said...

This is a marvelous painting. It really brings me back to Texas through the French eyes of Cezanne -